Vibrant Vegetables from Healthy Soil

Fresh Eggs from Feisty Chickens




New Season Farm is located southeast of Wisconsin Rapids.  We offer fresh vegetables produced using sustainable and ecologically aware practices.  The main way we put our produce into the hands of consumers is via shares or a subscription model to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) system.  We also sell produce for custom orders placed in advance or on select days on the farm as well as to local restaurants.  Fresh chicken eggs from a pastured, happy flock are available for sale by the dozen. 

On our farm you will find a large number of heirloom and open pollinated varieties.  We plant over 60 varieties of various types of vegetables.  Many of the varieties we plant are not simply the run of the mill types that you might find in your local grocery store or greenhouse. 

Our chicken breeds are almost as numerous as our plant varieties.  Some of the types that we raise include Buff Orpingtons, Salmon Faverolles, Americaunas, Golden and Silver Laced Polish, Lakenvelders, Welsummers and many more.   The birds are all cage free and spend their days roaming and scratching, looking for bugs and seeds.  To ensure a complete diet, the birds are fed locally produced grains and vegetables. 

We believe in preserving our food heritage and think that our farm thrives in an environment of diversity. 


Since eating and cooking with unfamiliar vegetables can be intimidating, we provide lots of ideas and recipes for using the full range of the abundance found in each box.  


Along with the more typical and well known colors and varieties of vegetables, we experiment a novel assortment including purple beans and peas, blue potatoes, yellow carrots, orange tomatoes and red corn.   


A flock of many varieties of chickens raised on pasture provide eggs ranging in color from multiple shades of brown, pink, green, blue and white.